How Good Should a Doctor Strive To Be?

I was in a meeting with staff and peers. We were going over goals regarding charting and billing. I do understand that it is important to get the billing in to the insurance company in a very timely manner, however with the complexity of patients, documentation is more than just hitting the right check boxes to... Continue Reading →

An Introduction Of Sorts

I would like to introduce myself. I am a middle aged Family Medicine doctor, living in rural America. I am not a writer. (“-not an actor-“)  I would assume there are quite a few docs that blog out there. Frankly, I wonder how they have time. I spent a little bit of time looking around at... Continue Reading →

Just thinking

So I know that I'm not the only woman out there that feels this way, but it's becoming so routine. I come home from work and I'm tired.  My husband asks about my day and... Well, there it is, I can say it was good, bad or indifferent but I really can't go into detail.... Continue Reading →

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